Elizabeth. Woolridge. Grant.

Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant; 25, female, from New York City USA.

When I was 15, my [then] best friend and I went to see The Pussycat Dolls perform their ‘Doll Domination’ tour at London’s O2 Arena. At the time, I couldn’t say that I was a very big fan of the Pussycat Dolls, as I was noticing more that it was just the ‘Nicole Scherzinger show’ and although, yes, she has an amazing voice, I much prefer the idea of watching the girls as a band. We were lucky enough to get seats on the ground floor, and were only 9 rows back (which isn’t too close that you are looking up the whole time but close enough to really see them); the tickets only cost us £90 each, and I say only, because we had no idea what we had signed ourselves up for. My friend forgot to tell me that The Pussycat Dolls were being supported by Ne-yo and that Ne-yo was being supported by the One and Only… Lady Gaga. – At this time Lady Gaga wasn’t actually too much of a star, not many people in the arena knew the words to her songs, or many of her songs other than ‘Just Dance’; and not many people in the arena or around the world were ready for what Lady Gaga wanted to bring to the table. – A couple of months before I had watched and listened to her music video for ‘Just Dance’ but had also seen the movie for which the song features, I then felt the total need to research this ‘Lady Character’ for which I then became so completely addicted. This left me in complete awe of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta especially because, I was quick to realise, that her voice is much more powerful than a great edited pop track. [Which we clearly get to see and hear through her performance of ‘Lady is a Tramp’].

When people are climbing up the ladder of fame, they have to [and they can all deny it if they choose] put part of themselves aside, and sacrifice a few things in order to shock the audience and their public, so that a frenzy is created around them, enough for them to stick around long enough for them to prove their talent. This becomes evident in Lady Gaga’s approach. For example, her first ever interview with Jonathon Ross 2009 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG_Jm3NhujY] in which she doesn’t connect with his sense of humor and leaves everyone who is watching in a complete state of shock at her attitude and personality. We were talking about it for days. One point for Haus of Gaga. At the time, this pissed me off because people then didn’t want to listen to her “crazy” and “out there” music, and as a self confessed fan, I was angry at the way she was wasting her talent. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG_Jm3NhujY] After studying Media Studies, I now know exactly what she was doing- and you can understand that by then watching her interview with Jonathon Ross from 2011 and then the statistics between the two dates and look what she achieved! [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prXWQAXYFIQ]

A very similar thing happened between me and Jessie J [Jessica Cronish]. I was in the common room of my 6th form college about a year ago, year and a half ago, and a close friend of mine played an acoustic tune along with a very deep huskey vocal; the music video for ‘Do It Like A Dude’ [please note, the pop version not the acoustic] came out a few months after that, I think the same week the Jessie J was playing at KoKo club in Camden, London. Along with Wretch 32 [who I had met and performed a music video with] Dappy from NDubz, Devlin and Professor Green. It may sound sad and a little pathetic, but this is when my friend and I really realised that Jessie J’s voice is so powerful, we were crying when she performed ‘Who You Are’ because you can see and hear her emotional attachment to the ballad. A few weeks after this Jessie J blew up and was being played on every radio station and was being talked about so often. But it wasn’t until the Capital FM Summer Time Ball that year that her fans and admirers were exposed to what her voice really is; stunning. Yes, they had followed her music videos, her interviews, and brought her album; but they got to hear that it wasn’t all edits, and back up singers… and that Jessie J has a complete natural talent.

The reason this blog post started with the details of ‘New Girl on the Block’ Lana Del Rey is because after researching her for a bit, there isn’t that much infomation or gossip etc about her, at the moment! I came across a few interviews and videos after listening to her album ‘Born to Die’ for a couple of days straight. Although I didn’t get a chance to notice her when she first uploaded the video she made her for the song she wrote and sung ‘Video Games’ because I was off galavanting all over the world; but now that her album is here and another new music video – I am utterly falling for her voice as well as her style and even her front and personality. – Through my research I found that she got quite a few bad reviews for her performance on American chat show ‘Saturday Night Live’ although she then backed herself up by saying that her performance was exactly how she wanted; and that her fans know and understand that that is her style. I like her more.

There are many things to like about ‘Lizzy Grant’, not only her tres cool and chic stage name, but along with the fact that she doesn’t claim to be someone that struggled for money and built her way up. Take note from her twitter account; “EVERYTHING I WANT I HAVE. MONEY, NOTORIETY AND RIVIERAS – I EVEN THINK I FOUND GOD – IN THE FLASH BULBS OF YOUR PRETTY CAMERAS.” Not many people know that she comes from a very rich family [just like the actress Rooney Mara] and that she was lucky enough to have her father help her buy her way into the music business. Each to their own, I say. Lana has been quoted to see herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” which is spot on perfection, she looks up to Elvis and Britney Spears. But the only way you are going to understand and appreciate her talent is if you listen to her album, but listen to her album with an open mind and maybe a nice tasty glass of wine at the end of a long day.

In terms of the actual album and the music itself, which Lizzy has written, only 3 songs have been sung live and through promotion by her (Blue Jeans, Video Games and Born to Die, the track which the record was named after). ‘Born to Die’ and ‘Video Games’ are the only two tracks to, so far, be accompanied by music videos. I can officially say that I have my favourite songs off the album, one of which I think might be released as her next song if it isn’t ‘Blue Jeans’; the song is named ‘National Anthem’. The lyrics are sparky and sparkly and totally ideal for the backing choir of Lizzy’s voice as well as the instruments used.

The lyrics for ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ are spot on, universal, truthful and totally rebelious at the same time. This is the part of the music industry and my passion for music that I love; the lyrics and the beat mixed together, creating butterflies and a wonderful feeling that she has used her talent to express her experience, letting everyone else know that rich, famous, beautiful people aren’t immune to feeling what we, regular people, feel.

“Living in the best of the memories, and honoring the past” Please feel free to watch this video interview Lana Del Rey did for MTV; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1F7toKvICs

“I’m not really interested in a ton of female musicians but there is something about Britney that compelled me — the way she sings and just the way she looks,” Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears… http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1678375/lana-del-rey-britney-spears.jhtml


Lyrics from ‘This is what makes us girls’;

This is what makes us girls
We all stick together ’cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him,




  1. If this were a vinyl record or a cassette I would be on my third copy by now! I love each and every song; her voice, the accompanying instrumentation, the lyrics, did I say her voice yet? 🙂 Some of her songs she sings with a sexy, hurt sound that begs to have you come over and hold her … Yet with an attitude that makes it quite clear that it will be only on her terms.
    Very nice write-up. I did a little poking around your blog to learn a little bit more about who was behind this post … Interesting 🙂

    ** note – I know that my nickname, “Pappione”, is a misspelled butterfly … long story. That is how I have identified myself out here for two decades **

  2. I’m glad I came over this blog post! I just discovered Lana in march, I think, and I haven’t listened to anything else since then… I’m a little bit obsessed. This post reminded me of my previous obsession: Lady Gaga. She was just so shocking and stunning and I just got dragged into her world for a while. Then after a while I forgot about her because she wasn’t in the press every day.
    Now it’s Lana’s picture I haven’t been able to avoid seeing five times daily for a couple of months. I am fascinated by the way she looks and talks… But I initially started loving her for her lyrics and music and voice (so this looks more like true love). We’ll see how long her fame lasts, and maybe my crush dies and gets replaced by someone new and charming.

    I don’t think so. I think we have a long relationship ahead of us.

    Thank you for this post. It is very well written and it looks beautiful!

  3. Great post! Unfortunately Lizzy has claimed that she lived in a trailer park & that she’s had to struggle to achieve this fame. Which is… not true it seems. And if only she’d admit to having work done on her lips (& perhaps her cheekbones)! I love her music either way & I think she’s an amazing storyteller through her lyrics.

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