The Ex and The Golden Rules of Revenge; Katherine Hudson

Rule One;

It is a plague on modern women everywhere. That haircut/dye/perm you get immediately following a break up– BUT as much as you want to avoid the ‘break up hair’ you have to do IT or something along the lines of a ‘fuck you’ or ‘look what you are missing’ otherwise, there really is NO fun in a break up!

This is when my jealousy for celebrities and famous people really kicks in, they can use the paparazzi, concerts, stage performances and red carpet appearances to present themselves knowing that everyone (and hopefully, including the EX) will see and comment on how HOT (or not) they are!

There are many ways to ‘get back’ or ‘change’ after a break up… You can get a new hair cut, hair colour, a tattoo, a spray tan, chucking everything out in your wardrobe and starting again, a new car, moving house, deleting Facebook and any other social network; this list can go on for forever! There is a very clear decision that first needs to be made though, and we can all deny it if needs be, but there is always a moment where you think in your head ‘He said that he always loved my hair like this, and when I wore this colour blah blah blah’ – and with that infomation you can perfect yourself head-to-toe the way ‘he would love to see you’ OR you can let rip, and FINALLY where THAT dress that he always hated but made you feel a million pounds, and wear THOSE really high shoes, or do your hair how YOU like it…

Men do it too! Johnny Depp edited his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo

Denise Richards covered over her tattoo that was dedicated to ex husband Charlie Sheen

Katie Price famously ‘edited’ her tattoo on her television show, later covering it altogether

It is, and always will be, the war between saying ‘Fuck you’ or ‘Look what you are missing baby’. It will be that way until you find the ‘you’ that you want to be, and forget about what they would have wanted for you, and you just be yourself.

A *perfect* example of a woman who has ‘bounced’ back after a break up (and not just any break up, it was a marriage break down); is Katy Perry (Real name; Katherine Hudson (Brand)). [Yes, I have mentioned her in previous blogs similar to this; you can look here]

Even though Katy Perry was already in the stages of changing her hair from her ‘known for’ black locks (although naturally blonde) before the break up of her marriage to Russell Brand… She really went out and did some changing to her hair, her style, and her life! [Please note: I understand that Katy Perry’s style can be labelled as hard to track as she is always forever changing her style and you never know what to expect of her, but she has really done a U-turn; even for Katy Perry!!]

From Blonde to Pink to Blue to Purple to Black/Purple; From long to short, to fringe, to curly, to straight, to natural to really long!

It does make me wonder how did Russell Brand like to see his wifey? They met and she had Black hair, but within their short marriage, Katy Perry donned many arrays of wigs, hair lengths, dresses and many different styles! Something we will never know, I guess, as even on the red carpet standing next to her then-husband, Katy would look very sexy at times, take the piss, and play it safe; plain and simple! But even from the pictures, you cannot tell which look he preferred on his Californian bride.

Both have been pictured (although not formally addressed the public about their ‘new’ other halves); Katy rumoured and photograohed with some very beautiful French male models and guitarists, who don’t seem to have any complaints about her hair colour!

As long as you don’t take it too far, and react too quickly and do something that may take a while to undo or is irreversible (tattoos, breast implants, plastic surgery etc) and keep it to the change of attire, hair colour change; that is okay! Hair grows back, hearts heal, clothes can change but you can’t get back your dignity at the end of the day. Have fun with it, have fun with your new found freedom, but do not lower yourself to their level, because the journey back up may be a lot harder than the heartbreak in the first place!


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