Next In Line

Unfortunately, I think, for me I have been caught in a time where one ‘generation’ of women are reaching their 40’s or about to hit 50; and it’s time for us to find the new girl with the legs, the new girl with the amazing hair and the new girl with the best breasts. What I am beginning to see is that the pointless/ talentless/ annoying/ brat-ish/ slutty likes of MILEY CYRUS are coming up and going to ‘replace’ stars like GWEN STEFANI, who not only has the most amazing washboard stomach, sexy husband, cool kids but one hell of a voice. Gwen Stefani has been married to musician Gavin Rossdale for over 10 years, which slightly hinders 19-year-old Miley Cyrus’ engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth.



They are the young kids that are quick to claim that women can have it all, but they have shimmied into the spotlight after their descendants did all the leg work… DEMI MOORE was married to Bruce Willis for 13 years, they had 3 daughters and seemed to have the foundation for success. So here we see ANNE HATHAWAY marry Adam Shulman [an actor, but not very well known] and truly believe that she will ‘learn from the mistakes of her elders’.


But then we have KATE HUDSON and her mother Goldie Hawn, Kate took the reins with respect and understanding of what her mother had achieved, lost and found within the spotlight. Kate Hudson was married to rocker Chris Robinson for 7 years, having one son, but has now found herself engaged to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and with another son. GOLDIE HAWN was married to Bill Hudson for 4 years, having two children but finding her peace and love with fellow actor Kurt Russell for nearly 30 years. This leaves us watching newlyweds BLAKE LIVELY and Ryan Reynolds [36] [who was previously married to SCARLET JOHANSSON for 3 years] with wide eyes; can they make it? After all, she is only 25 and not really making tracks set for an Oscar.

They have no underlying depth, only hunger for fame, fortune and flashy fashion. They want their cake, served with a spoon, and they want it fed to them.


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