L’Wren My Love, Sweet Dreams

I think it is quite known that I have an admiration for these women who make something of themselves from nothing, and in the process change so much and so little. L’Wren Scott was born Luann Bambrough in 1964. She will most likely be remembered now as ‘Mick Jagger’s girlfriend that hung herself’. Sadly, she did and this is true, she hung herself with a scarf in her Manhattan apartment. Alone.


But not only was she ‘someone’s girlfriend’ she was a beautiful fashion designer and from what I can gather… I beautiful person…


Raised by adopted mormon parents, L’Wren reached 6ft by the tender age of twelve no doubt setting tongue’s wagging and leading her to the life of a model in Paris. Model-turned-stylist-turned designer she definitely got my attention regardless of the almost twenty eight year age gap… the ‘headmistress’ dress worn by Madonna and so many to follow really cemented L’Wren’s presence. Her love for any material in the shade of black. Her style was glorious.


I have been touched and influenced by this wonderful creature and am massively saddened by her sudden and (unnecessary) shocking death. I send my love, hopes and best wishes to her loved ones; family, friends and everyone close – and only hope they find peace with this tragic decision.


Die young, and I shall accept your death-but not if you have lived without glory, without being useful to your country, without leaving a trace of your existence: for that is not to have lived at all.

Napoleon Bonaparte


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