Maybe we could be each other’s soul mates

“Don’t laugh at me, but maybe we could be each other’s soul mates. Then we could let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.” Charlotte York, Sex and the City.

Lucky for me… I have my soul mate. But even better than that I am blessed enough that he will be there, for ever.

Months can go by, and a lot can change (believe me! I’m talking lovers, ex lovers, marriage, tattoos, weight, hair, and god knows what else) but there he is… My SOLE/SOUL mate.

6 years ago, god knows what month it was… I was put clubbing with a group of friends and my current boyfriend. I know exactly what I was wearing (high waisted harem black suit trousers, black Mary Jane Louboutins, low cut/low back white racer back ripped vest, and a very naughty, very see through, lace and silk bra; and of course, a chanel 2.55 – it will always be me to wear a vest that was slutty but I had picked up from a market in Vietnam, trousers from Topshop and then top the cost of my whole outfit by adding a bag and shoes!). Anyway; there I was walking along the high street of this little town that I had grown up in to go move my boyfriends car whilst he was busy buying everyone drinks… Who do I bump into? My love, my genie, Reece Morgan. Now what I haven’t mentioned is that – this club was full of nice girls dressed like hoochies! You would see a Chanel here, Kurt Geiger there, Prada there… But the main aim with these girlies was sluttiness and as you can probably tell; what I was wearing was sexy, subtle but never hoochie mumma! Maybe that’s why he chose me, only he could tell you that. The inimitable Reece. So there I am, treating the high street as a run way and I bump into an acquaintance, turns out he was heading to the same place I was drinking with his girlies. Before I knew it, 2 weeks later I was on a stone table, in a mesh body, with black lipstick, wet look black eyeshadow, slicked back jet black hair… Pouting and posing. And that was just the beginning…

Now, when I first came across Reece I just knew him to be an aspiring photographer with an amazing sense of style. It wasn’t until we had numerous Cosmos and Margaritas that I realised every element that makes him is pure fabulous. From his ever changing hair styles, ooh snap! To his huge collection of handbags from Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel and Hermes. Not forgetting his irresistibly delicious personality.

Only Reece would turn up at one of my friends magazine launch parties in Mayfair and get papped on his way home, simply for looking so gorg and fabulous. As if! Crazy.

This man is there for everything whether it be a simple BBQ in the garden of my fathers ranch (me in flares and him in all black), drinks in Canary Wharf (me in 10 inch heels and him in vintage), winter cocktails in Covent Garden (me with my pink 2.55 chanel and him draping himself in fur), a burlesque show in the West End (me in all black apart from my rose gold courts and Michael Kors and him traipsing in Dior), a Cheryl Cole concert at the O2 arena (me in leather trousers and him holding a jug of Cosmo) or us trying to figure out a way to make pink fishnet mesh work in my dressing room.

But it’s not just the clothes, the memories and the designers, it’s the art – his art, my drunken ‘art’, the art of love (or trying I find it), our worshipping of art (whether it be SJP, bitching about Kim K, slamming Britney, or worshipping the queens of the red carpet and the skinny bitches behind a camera!). There is pure talent there, and not necessarily the talent that you make for yourself by having a subscription to Vogue, or trading in your mums vintage for the to-die-for-vintage, or dressing to impress… For me, he was born with it. It’s the air, the blood and all the different organs that put him together and create pure talent-full fabulousness!

Well ya know what, here’s to the men that have come and gone (and stayed!) for the both of us, the fashion faux pas (for the both of us!!) and here’s to the next 50 plus years where this (photographer, stylist, socialite, bitch, editor, realised) man will still be my soul/sole mate… Because no matter what happens I will be wearing my Louboutins as slippers and he might well be taking the trash out in his vintage Hermes.

Love you, DOLL.



wonderful worlds

Last night was the Grammys, as we all probably know. Katy Perry (AKA Katherine Hudson) was given the chance and opportunity to use a fantastic platform, and ‘sing her heart out’. – Turning up on the red carpet Katy Perry still had her bright blue bob intact combined with a blue/cream lace number; but quickly changed into a wacky and wonderful PVC body suit, sprucing up her blue bob on the way into a crimped cut.

The performance began with ET; a track that I liked very much until she released it (by demand of her fans) and was played way too much on the radio. (Please note; the music video, featuring Kanye West, is out of this world amazing and Katy Perry looks stunning!). The music suddenly stopped and the audience were left thinking and wondering if the sound system had crashed… out plays a new beat and tune that the world had not been yet graced with! ‘Part of Me’ is a recently penned tune of Katy’s in which the lyrics include references to ‘a firework’ (Firework being a previous released hit of Katy’s which became known as a song that she wrote for her then happily-married-husband). Many more references can be seen and noted within the lyrics, such as… “I just wanna throw my phone away” indicating that maybe all the reports that Russell Brand (AKA Katy’s soon-to-be ex-husband) is refusing to take her calls is true!?

Although during last night’s performance critics and gossip editors quickly analysed and picked up on the change in the original lyrics; “In one part of the song the original words were: “You can keep the dog from me, I never liked him anyway.” But last night she sang instead: “keep your diamond ring, in fact, you can keep everything – except for me.”” + “The brand new song also included the words: “You chewed me up and spit me out/Like I was poison in your mouth/You took my light, you drained me down/You ripped me off, your love was cheap.”” [].


I am left wondering what broken-hearted-women would do if they had the platform that Katy Perry was given last night, you don’t have to be a genius to realise that she was using the stage as a way to vent and prove/indicate that she is still here, still breathing although broken-hearted. The performance included flames, big dark glasses over her face, skin tight outfits, men rubbing her up and down on stage and spiky lyrics. What would you do, in this case, if you were Katy – would you perform a ballad (Not Like The Movies/The One That Got Away) or a bouncy/faking it happy tune (Hot or Cold), or even take Katy’s route and create a media frenzy through singing a new ‘revenge tune’. When it comes to this situations, and you know that there is a large chance that the person who broke your heart can see, do you wear what you know he loved to see you in, or do you wear the something that you always wanted to wear but never could because while you were with him, you knew he wouldn’t like it?! Do you show your heart break? Do you show that you are ready to move on by laughing and smiling? Or do you show your bitterness and anger?


At the time of heartbreak, I would have LOVED to have the chance to show him, but now I think about it, I am left wondering if the platform Katy Perry was given is such a good idea? Never the less, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t smiling and clapping through her performance and saying “yeh! you go girl! you show that twat!”.

What really happened in the breakdown of their marriage, we may never know, but I hope they both do find love and happiness (although I do dislike Russell Brand, a little, because of the way he has gone about his decisions and choices during this awkward time).

Here is a link to the performance;

Here is a link to the original lyrics;

**Last year Katy Perry shocked all the viewers by including a short video montage of her wedding ceremony to then-husband Russell Brand**